First Time Baking Challah!

I was so excited to bake challah for the first time. It was surprisingly easy, there wasn’t too much kneading, and aside from rising time it was a fast recipe. This recipe says it makes two challahs, and they are HUGE. Continue reading


Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Cupcakes

These are basically chocolate cupcakes with peppermint icing. So yummy! I think I should have made an icing recipe rather than a cake frosting one – it came out too runny. Or just buy a tub of vanilla icing and add extracts and food coloring. Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

It’s a cliche: Everyone resolves to start a new diet or go to the gym more on January 1.

Nevertheless, I think taking care of yourself is important, and I want to support those who are making fresh starts. I’ve started my diet again now that I’m on winter break. I had a lot of success this summer on The I Diet. The main ideas of the diet are cutting out most carbs and eating a high-protein, high-fiber diet. One of my favorite recipes is the Soda Bread, a rich and nutty bread designed to keep you full longer.

I highly recommend the diet, and I’ll be posting some of my recipes that I make from the book or that I modified.