I’m Back!

The school year is starting up again, and so is Found in the Fridge. While I was away this summer, I had very few opportunities to cook for myself, so now that I am back in an apartment, I am so eager to cook more often.

With the start of the Jewish new year, the start of the school year, and to help me toward my goals of cooking and eating more healthy meals for myself, I am starting the “22 Days to a Fresh Start” from Tiffany‘s blog Don’t Waste the Crumbs.

I want to follow the steps, but we’ll see how it goes in terms of formatting. Some of her steps I’ve already done. Some of her steps don’t work for me. Sometimes I’ll do more than 1 a day, sometimes I’ll skip a day. I hope to get to the end with some fresher, healthier eating habits.

Day 1: Clean out the fridge

This turned out to be an easy one because my roommates and I did this a week and a half ago. But, with all of us getting back from the holiday, it was worth it to do it again. I took everything out, threw out what was expired, wiped down some of the shelves, and put everything back in an organized manner.

Inside my fridge

At the bottom of the fridge, the two produce drawers are filled with fruits and vegetables. Above is the cheese drawer. The middle two shelves of the fridge are dedicated to leftovers and prepared foods. The top shelf of the fridge is ingredients, like eggs, rice, jam, sour cream, etc.

Coming up: What can actually be found in my fridge.


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