Day 3: Create a Grocery Budget

Ok, I kind of have an advantage on this one. I already have a grocery budget, set by an outside source. My parents give me a certain amount of money for food each month, so that’s how much I can spend. On everything, including coffee, groceries, dining halls (I don’t have a meal plan), takeout, and going out to eat.

Full disclosure (especially since I don’t think that many people are reading this blog): My goal amount for each month is $300. I keep track of my monthly budgets using

What I am changing this month in my budgeting, based on one of Tiffany’s articles, is tracking how much I spend on groceries by category – keeping all my receipts for the month and seeing how much I spend on meat, protein, processed food, dairy, etc. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this information to get some insight on my eating habits, and to change them.

I’ve also started a small price book to find the best prices for what I regularly buy at the places near me.

The real key this month is going to be about being creative with what I already have so I can buy less food.


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