Found in my Fridge

Setting up a new kitchen is expensive. Moving back into my dorm for the last year of college (already?), I had to pick up a lot of groceries. And I blew my grocery budget. Now, though, my fridge is full. So my plan for October is to buy as few groceries as possible to make up for last month, and cook with what I already have. That’s kind of my motto, right?


After all that cleaning, here’s what I have:

This also happens to correspond with Day 2 of 22 Days to a Fresh Start: Eat Leftovers

Fridge: Leftovers

– a large slice of sweet kugel

– sweet and sour meatballs

– turkey wings

(all Rosh Hashanah leftovers sent home with me by my amazing mother)

– Creamy Tuscan White Bean Soup (recipe coming soon)

– tiny circular pasta

I made it to go in the bean soup, and there was extra

– roasted carrots and squash

– bean stew

(leftovers given to me by a friend, from a Rosh Hashanah meal)


– 2 zucchinis

– kale

– brussels sprouts

– 3 onions

– baby carrots


– ricotta cheese

– feta

– milk

– shredded mozzarella

– sharp cheddar

– sour cream

– butter


– Pomegranate seeds

– grapes (not fresh enough to eat, but could be made into something)

– 6 eggs

– low carb wraps

– mild salsa


– 1 chicken, in eights

– 2 packages stew beef

– 2 pounds ground beef

– 1 large bag stir fry veggies

– 3 packages of frozen meat alternatives (flavored fake chicken, microwaveable)

– frozen mixed berries

– single serving guacamole

– waffles

I can’t catalogue everything in my pantry, but it basically consists of a wide range of spices, pasta, rice, sauces, cooking oils and vinegars, baking supplies, canned beans, and snacks.

I’ll start posting some of my meal plans, so that you can see how I’ll be using up what I already have.


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