Day 7: Make Money

While Tiffany put all sorts of money earning tips in her post, I would rather put the effort it would take me to try out those new things into the jobs I already have. I love my work, and I think doing it better will make me happier than a few extra bucks. And I have the advantage of not having such a strained budget that I need more than I’m earning now. So for today: comment on how you’re going to make improvements on the job!


Day 6: Eat a Simple Meal

Tiffany’s post on this is great.

The importance of simplicity in the kitchen and in our lives is easy to forget. As much as I love cooking, I can’t spend all night on it – I have to do homework, and free up some time for other, more enjoyable activities. Her challenge, though, is to eat a meal today that is simple to make and with simple ingredients – not processed food. Today was an especially perfect night for this because I spent a lot of time last night making a risotto, and I need a break. So I ate leftover sweet kugel for lunch, and went to the dining hall for dinner. Zero cooking. Doesn’t get much more simple than that.

Day 4: Ban Trans Fats

I was a little skeptical about Tiffany’s next step for 22 Days to a Fresh Start, which was to throw out and stop buying all foods with trans fats in them. I’m not big on the organic food bandwagon, so I wasn’t sure how getting rid of trans fats would be beneficial. However, the first article that came up when I was looking for more information was from the Mayo Clinic, who have the same recommendation as Tiffany: Don’t eat anything with trans fats in the nutritional facts, and avoid foods with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredient list. So, I have to get on board.

Here are all the products in my kitchen that I got rid of after finding trans fats hidden in the ingredients lists:


Edit: Embarrassingly soon after writing this post, I discovered that the only brand of Pareve margarine that I’ve seen sold near me has 1.5 grams of trans fats per serving. Unfortunately, Pareve margarine is kind of a necessity. So I’ve decided to give up all other trans fats just to reduce the impact of the margarine. Also, if anyone knows of a brand other than Fleischman’s, leave it in the comments.

More sources for getting rid of trans fat:

The FDA, as of 2013, is in the process of designating trans fats as no longer Generally Recognized as Safe

American Heart Association

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center for Disease Control