Day 5: Clean Out the Freezer


I don’t have a huge freezer. I already knew everything that was in there, but I rearranged it so it makes more sense. It’s so pretty!


Here’s what I have and how I organized it (left to right, top to bottom):

7 pounds of Pareve margarine (the closest grocery store to me doesn’t carry it, so I stock up when I find it)


(behind the ice): meat substitutes

– veggie ground beef

– veggie barbecue chicken

– veggie breaded chicken

– veggie mandarin orange chicken

frozen fruit (mixed berries, blueberries, and mangos)

a REALLY big bag of stir fry veggies

two packages ground beef

two packages stew meat

single-serve guacamole containers

chicken cutlets

1 chicken, in eighths


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