[Passover in the Fridge] Thai Coconut Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce

Thai Coconut Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce | Found in the Fridge

I have had this Budget Bytes recipe saved in my Pinterest for a long time, waiting to try it out. I wanted to come up with a way to make Asian food over Passover, so this was the perfect soy-sauce-free recipe. My family was cautious about this recipe at first – before I made this everyone said, “I’m not sure I’ll like coconut on chicken,” “I don’t really like coconut.” This chicken ended up being really popular. The coconut isn’t overwhelming, just light enough to make it taste Thai. I also found a recipe for homemade Sweet Chili Sauce from life tastes like food which I modified for Passover (and to make it less spicy). The coconut chicken and dipping sauce go well together for a light and flavorful Thai meal.
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General Gau’s Tofu

General Gau's Tofu | Found in the Fridge

I really wanted toorder in Chinese food, but I decided I would take on the challenge of making it myself. I was craving General Gau’s Chicken, one of my favorite things to get from Chinese restaurants. In researching it online, I discovered that it goes by a variety of names, including General Tso’s Chicken.

I didn’t have any chicken in the house, so I used tofu. I’ve had it before at restaurants with fake chicken, so I figured tofu would be pretty similar.

I chose this recipe from The Hungry Mouse because it was the only one I could find that didn’t call for corn starch, which I didn’t have. I also modified her recipe a lot based on what I could find. If you want to make this, I HIGHLY recommend using her original recipe. But I’ll post what I did and what I learned from the experience, because in this case I think one of the important things is how it is cooked, not just the ingredients you use in the sauce.

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